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BIOTEST RYODORAKU It is the electronic evaluation of body meridians, which is done on 12 points on wrists and ankles (called Ryodoraku points). This gives us a quick, non-invasive, reliable, repeatable, and complete (TOTAL BODY) diagnosis of the organs and systems health condition. Ryodoraku is the Japanese word for “points of great flow”. This technique was called like this because it measures the energetic  (electromagnetic) flow in these acupuncture points which are defined as REPPs (Responsive Electro Permeable Points). Just like USB doors of our PCs, they can connect with our inner selves to download crucial information on our health condition. The interpretation of the diagram and corresponding numbers so obtained, allows energetic and functional correction and readjustment of  body meridians energetic excesses or deficiencies and of relative organ disorders (liver, kidneys, spleen, etc...) with non-invasive, holistic treatments.

EAV TEST (Electroacupuncture and functional organometria according to Doctor Voll) It’s a painless, non invasive method to measure the variation of micro-flows when the body assimilates food which it doesn’t tolerate, inhalant allergens and contact allergens, sent to the patient in the shape of digital print. The patient holds a safety ground handpiece while the doctor tests the patient’s skin response with a flat tip handpiece on the other hand and registers it on the computer. This test can be performed at the Parma office, and doesn’t aim to single-handedly obtain a final diagnose, but it offers very important information in the context of a holistic examination (interview, anamnesis, objective examination, lab and medical imaging, etc...) which couldn’t be detected in any other way, like the homeopathic and homotoxicologic remedies compatibility.



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