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What would you say if your dermatologist could help you curing your dermatitis....
  • Raising your energetic level?
  • Correcting your metabolism?
  • Increasing your awareness?

I think that my patients’ disorders depend on a series of physical-chemical, emotional and psychological factors, which are different for each patient. Therefore it is necessary to investigate them with customized treatments, tailor made and non-repeatable.

After many years of medical specialized practice, I discovered the inner side of the skin thanks to my experience as a masseur, plantar reflexology and bioenergetics teacher. Since then, I stopped considering dermatological (and medical) problems just as “skin problems”, because I learned that this neurosensory organ that wraps and protects us throughout our lives is a wonderful TOUCH-SCREEN, or maybe, I would say TOUCH-SKIN.

Dermatology, homeopathy, psychosomatics, bioenergetics are just some of the instruments that science gave me to enter together on the path towards  healing. If you are looking for miraculous pills or passive treatments, if you don’t have time or will to change your lifestyle or your way of thinking, holistic medicine is not your thing; you should seek help elsewhere.

I give you the tools, it’s up to you fight.

The cure presupposes an active intervention of the customer who must become aware of the conflicts that are causing the disease and enact a physical, emotional and psychic change.
As a doctor, I tackle every case with passion, but I require the same kind of involvement from the patient. If we grow together it is possible to reach a perfect level of health and vitality, factors which are fundamental for a peaceful longevity.

Let’s give years to life, but most importantly let’s give life to the years.



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