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Dermatologia Olistica

Holistic Project


Patients often ask me on the phone if I can heal them when other colleagues of mine have given up any hope. This cases require time and work to get to the heart of the problem, by taking new roads, investigating unexplored contexts, opening doors that are closed, taking down solid structures, masks and armours. Many dermatological diseases (psoriasis, hives, eczema, acne) manifest themselves with the same clinical situation in different subjects, but the causes, just as the subjects, are never the same, so the cure must be completely different and personalized for each subject. This way of proceeding is completely opposite to the official medicine way which has “standard” protocols: a pair of shoes and  a dress which are the same for everyone, standard! I think that reconstructing the history of casual or personal events which happened before the disease is much more helpful than defining a diagnosis. My «HOLISTIC PROJECT’S»  goal is to treat the skin and the whole body suffering from psoriasis, acne, eczema with non-invasive EUDERMIC treatments.


What happens during the HOLISTIC EXAMINATION?

  • determination of PHYSICAL CONSTITUTION (Menetrier diathesis) and relative PREDISPOSITIONS
  • FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS of organs and apparatus (DERMOSOMATICS, Ryodoraku biotest).
  • Search for any FOOD OR OTHER INTOLERANCES (EAV, Recaller Test)
  • CHARACTER TYPE analysis (Enneagram  psychology)
  • Psychosomatic interpretation of the symptom and the conflict which originated it (PSYCHOGENEALOGY)


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