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I abandoned dermatological surgery and invasive techniques to concentrate on the skin (and organ) capacity to heal itself, as I think that the treatment and development of these functions is the best way to prevent ageing, degenerative diseases and neoplasia.
EUDERMIC AESTHETICS is a brand new healthier and more discrete way to face everyday imperfections (acne, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles) focusing the attention on the person, to their psycho-physic and dermatological characteristics, to their lifestyle and dietary habits.

It is not the usual cosmetic medicine, but it is a ZERO-IMPACT, REGENERATIVE AESTHETICS,  that doesn’t cut, sew, hole and doesn’t create clones or monsters. It respects the somatic characteristics of each and every one of us, improving our strengths and lessening our faults, for a younger, healthier and more vital skin, with eudermic products (the composition of which is similar to our skin’s) in harmony with its natural functions, transmitted effectively and painlessly to give back and reintegrate deficiencies produced by the passing of years, weather and environment.

    It’s a painless transdermal spreading which uses some particular microflows that can reduce the total application time by 50 times, and can transmit hydrophilic and lipophilic substances. Approved by the American F.D.A. and authorized for the endermic transmission of vaccines, insuline and allergene for desensitizing therapies;  it is called “NO-NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY”. It boosts tissue permeability, particularly in the horny layer, creating temporary aqueous canals (some milliseconds) which allow the passage of active principles, that arrive to the skin in less time and greater quantity if compared to other methods.
    The photon is primordial cosmic energy and moving information, it is the messenger which is the author of each change that reaches our bodies from distant stars, after travelling through space for millions of years. Nowadays it is possible to cure many skin diseases using light sources: it is called phototherapy, and it has scientifically proven to be effective  in the dermatological and cosmetic field as it gives our skin the vital energy it needs to heal in the most natural way, drug free, thanks to different equipments which are in perpetual development.  The visible light, the colour spectrum which is visible to our eye, has proven to be effective on psoriasis, eczema, skin ageing and many other dermatological pathologies which the sun alone could alleviate. As the discovery of fire completely changed the life of the primitive man, phototherapy is changing dermo-aesthetic world with ever more sophisticated but “eudermic” equipment, which can stimulate the self-healing physiological systems of our skin with low intensity laser light (LED), thanks to the physical and metaphysical value of its waves. Indications include psoriasis, eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis, androgenetic alopecia, photo-ageing, chrono-ageing, acne, rosacea.
    PLASMA IS THE FOURTH STATE OF MATTER, an “ionized” phase as quite a big portion of electrons is shared among many atoms forming some kind of “cloud”, that is very susceptible to electromagnetic fields: an ambipolar electric field that tends to slow down the electrons and to accelerate ions (usually slower and bulkier).

    ANTI-AGEING: it stimulates skin elasticity for the treatment of deep wrinkles and skin ageing.
    REBALANCING: it soothes reddening and rebalances sebaceous secretion.
    ANTI-GRAVITY: it tones up mimic muscles and makes the skin look more uniform.

    OSMOTIC: it reactivates membrane exchanges (skin permeability) and the absorption of active principles, it stimulates skin turn-over.
    CIRCULATORY: it restores lymphatic drainage and dynamizes arteriovenous microcirculation.
    CONSOLIDATING: it tones up superficial muscles and uniforms the skin; it strengthens tissue with stretch marks.



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