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Dermatologia Olistica


WHAT MOLES TELL US: bioenergetic interpretation and oncological prevention (dermoscopy)
The position where a dermatological lesion forms itself is indicative of many factors which are crucial for the diagnosis and the following therapy.

Topographic dermatology tells us that some diseases only affect some parts of the body, that they have a centrifugal or centripetal spreading and that they tend to rise or deepen.

The dermoscopic exam allows us to see what happens under the skin, like a skin-diver’s mask underwater. Thanks to this exam we can map the skin and  keep under control any variation of the suspicious lesions, after a certain period of time.

But most importantly, one must recognize which energetic points or meridians flow beneath the moles and angiomas, as depending on them, the lesion may heal or become chronic. Have you ever noticed it?



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