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DERMOSOMATICS: the cure of the body through skin.
Neurologist Giuseppe Calligaris graduated in 1901 with a thesis called (“The thought which heals” and proved the existence of 10 primary linear chains (skin meridians), each with 8 secondary lines and many points (called plates), which are linked with organs and systems. The simple electromagnetic stimulation of these points allows us to restore the biological functions of the organs and systems which are connected to them. Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Shiatsu have proved it at different times and continents, but with a point in common: skin, the living screen on which, every day, we read and write the report of our organs and functions.

Why should a dermatologist just “dust” it with creams and lotions leaving it off and not using it in its main functions?
Why not to use this monitor, this pad to communicate with our internal organs?
Why just treat the outside and not the inside?

A holistic vision of men and health which is not limited to the single organ or symptom, but is connected to history and to all of our lives, as it is written on our skin and DNA.


“NO-NEEDLE THERAPY”: Painless and needle-less treatments. Imagine to treat your face and body imperfections without using needles, simply transmitting active principles where they are needed, to treat lymphoedema, adiposity, venous or lymphatic ulcers, PEFS (edematous and  fibrous cellulite), atony and loss of connective tissue, eye and lips area, skin ageing.
The time of painful fillers, botox and traumatic bio-revitalizations has come to an end! Think about being able to treat muscular tension, back and limbs pain, slipped disc, disorders caused by trauma, degenerative arthrosis, rheumatic and inflammatory diseases, tendinitis, muscular contracture or sprain, distortions and contusions with very few sessions and no pain.
Stop buying cortisone-based drugs and painkillers with dangerous side effects!

Today, it is possible to treat tissues by stimulating their regenerative potential with innovative and unique technologies that will perform:

  • ENDOGENOUS BIO-STIMULATION: it recharges the membrane potential (cellular heath indication) according to the FARADAY-NEUMANN-LENZ LAW.
  • PAIN CONTROL: NO-PAIN THERAPY: thanks to an emission targeting pain NOCICEPTOR, your pain tolerance will be increased, solving antalgic contractures reflex phenomena.
  • DYNAMIZATION OF BODY FLUID “water clusters” mechanical displacement action, in traumatized or sick TISSUE, manifesting with swelling and sore edema;
  • BLOOD FLOW DYNAMIZATION: activating Lorentz’s forces and opening micro-vessels, boosting blood flow in various parts of the body.


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