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PATCH TEST or EPICUTANEOUS TEST for contact dermatitis are very often used by dermatologists to identify the causes of some contact allergies which manifest with erythema, vesicles, or itchy symptomatology. Considering the patient’s job and the suspicious substances, the standard patch test can be integrated with haptens that are specific for each job (for example for hairdressers, metalworkers, pastry cooks, farmers, housewives, etc...).
Some special patches which contain the suspicious allergenic substances are applied on the higher part of the patient’s back. They are removed after 48-72 hours so that the specialist can immediately read the skin reaction.
If the test is positive, the patient is given an informative paper which indicates the substances he is allergic to and the prevention rules for those substances (where they can be found and how to avoid them).

RECALLER PROGRAM for sensitization and food inflammation.
It’s an innovative test, that links the inflammation level to the major food groups reactivity analysis. Inflammation is something we have all experienced, in fact anti-inflammatory drugs are the best-selling in the world; food inflammation is a certain reality, the news is that today it is possible to measure and define it  (by verifying BAFF and PAF values).
It is done by means of a self-performed  taking of a very small blood sample (a drop is enough) from your fingertip, that allows to analyze inflammatory cytokines (that measure the level of food inflammation) and G immunoglobuline (special antibodies for the food which is part of our dietary habits). It can be performed at the Parma office, or at any chemist’s shop operating with Recaller Program.

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